Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Virtualizing your pre-existing hardware with VSMT and ADS

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V said...


I stumbled on this post while searching for material about VSMT.

Ive been playing around with ADS and VSMT for the last couple of weeks. Having to migrate servers at my workplace, i was looking for the best possible solution to our multiple-small-server-to-one-big-server move, and the idea of virtual machines was on my mind for quite some time now.

Ive managed to use ADS and VSMT to migrate one of the smaller servers i have to a VS. I havent tested it extensively yet, but it appears to be working fine.

I ran into a multitude of problems with ADS and the VSM scripts and settings, and it took the beast part of 2 weeks to overcome all of them, especially mismatched drivers problems (the VSMT scripts and utilities dont do a very good job picking the correct drivers), and the tools seem to be rather raw and rough as of now, but generally its a very viable and cool technology :)

I have a question that i havent managed to find an answer to yet, perhaps you could help me.
Is it possible to use ADS to PXE-boot the migrated machine WITHOUT DHCP?
My workplace forbids the use of DHCP (goverment organization, go figure) and im required to provide an alternative method...

Thanks in advance!

Jason Martina said...

Have you ran across an issue when executing GuestOS_createvm.cmd and get this error:

Create Virtual Machine: ercdc on Virtual-test/virtualDiskDynamic
Executing VMClient on remote machine: Virtual-test/virtualDiskDynamic
The device does not exist.

Error: Result Code: 2
Error occured, exiting (2)

I can not figure this searched everywhere!!!

U can email at

Matthew Cosier said...

Hi V + Jason.

Sorry I didnt actually see your comment V - I think blogger failed to deliver it to my email address :(
I agree that it's a very cool technology, but probably not quite there just simply takes too long to get it all working, and it's a very steep learning curve. I also don't know how to get it working without DHCP :( Perhaps theres some settings in there where you can hardcode a static ip? I have no idea!

Jason - I have never seen this one before, but from the error message it sounds as though there is some type of driver issue for your virtual disk - have you tried posting to the newsgroups?



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