Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Using SSL host headers in IIS6.0

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Anonymous said...

This will only work with wildcard domain SSL certificates. *

Host on identifier 1 with SSL cert assigned as on ip
Also host on identifier 2 with SSL cert assigned as on ip (Both on standard SSL port 443)

This will not work because IIS uses only one cert per IP/Port. So when you try to goto www2 IIS will serv up's certificate to the client. And the cleint will warn about invalid cert for the site, because does not match

Now, if you have a wildcard domain certificate, like * Then it will work fine, as the wildcard will match both sites.

Jeff said...

I have this set up and running for with a wildcard cert but now I add another IP address and a single SSL cert to the server and I can't seem to get the single domain cert to work with the new IP address. Have you seen this issue? said...

This will not truly have success, I consider so.